Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery — The Sexiest Woman Alive desires to Look Sexier

Mila Kunis was born in Kiev, RSS ukraina, Uni Soviet, on August 14, 1983, and moved to Los Angeles when she was 7. She is an American actress who has received numerous awards for her great acting skill. Kunis who has the birth name Milena Markovna Kunis had appeared in several commercials and TV series before she got golden chance to play Jackie Burkhart on that 70’s show along with her future fiancĂ©, Aston Kutcher. Since then, her gorgeous face often appears on the screen. Her big success was when she portrayed Rachel Jansen in the romantic-comedy film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Another of her great movie is Black Swan which brings her into huge fame. She is popular not only for her great skill but also for her perfect beauty. The FHM has placed her in first place of sexiest woman alive in 2013. Other votings from different magazines also agreed that Mila Kunis is a hot and sexy woman alive. Through her career, Mila looks sexier and hotter. It is evidence that she really maintains her beauty to secure her position as the sexiest woman. However, her appearance seems to change significantly since 2008. For her visible change, her fans questions whether Mila Kunis Has done Plastic Surgery or not.

She has reshaped her nose and breasts

Following her popularity both as Hollywood actress and the sexiest woman alive, Mila should be ready for any gossip around her. As the improvement she has, Mila Kunis is accused to undergo plastic surgery. Since the public has already known how Mila Kunis was at 15 years old, it will be easier revealing the rumor about Mila Kunis plastic surgery. Several years after her debut, Mila Kunis still looked very natural, while in 2008 Mila started to receive cosmetic booster to make her more stunning. The most obvious change at that time was her nose. According to Mila Kunis before and after plastic surgery images, her nose looks bigger in her cute picture when she was a teenager, but starting 2008 she appeared in the well-constructed nose. The bridge looked narrower compared her previous photos. It seems that her nose tip is also revised by the surgeon that left prettier nose so it can match with her beautiful face. In the following year, Mila Kunis appeared sexier, and it strengthened the speculation that Mila Kunis has done another plastic surgery after rhinoplasty. Public noticed that Mila Kunis had improved her breast size. When Mila Kunis portrayed Sarah Jansen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the camera has caught her breast size that was not as big as her beast on Bazar Magazine cover 2012. Mila was in sexy pink dress showing her breasts area. Her breasts were obviously fuller and tighter that could be guessed as the result of going under the surgeon’s knife. However, Mila wasn’t too excessive in adding the implants. Even though she improved the size, but they are not too big as most Hollywood actresses did. She looks elegant with her new breasts. It’s a sign that the breast augmentation is well done on her.

She will do it someday

Stepping on 31 years old surely makes Mila Kunis does extra treatments for her face. It’s the age when women start to age. Like other actresses, Mila is also aware of that problem. But the question here is “does Mila also apply unnatural way to fight over the sign of aging?. The answer can be yes or no since she looks stunning in her 30s. Some speculation stated that it’s possible that Botox has come in a needle to rejuvenate her facial skin. But, it’s just a rumor. No actual proof about Mila Kunis’s relationship to botox injection, but she ever stated that she is probably going to apply botox someday. Someday can be meant whenever she needs it. Can you guess when is “someday” that is meant by Mila? is it now?