Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery — Money can Buy The Perfect Beauty

One of gay rights activists, Chelsea Handler, is an American comedian, actress, TV host, author and producer who add the list of celebrities who construct the beauty through plastic surgery. Born in Livingstone, New Jersey on February 25, Chelsea Handler moved to California to chase her dream to become an actress.  She has appeared in several TV series. Chelsea was one of the casts of oxygen’s “Girl behaving badly.” Her name started to be familiar to the audiences after she hosted numerous talk show and performed standup comedy. Her standup comedy was successful in entertaining the audience. The Chelsea Handler show has become evidence of her remarkable career. Her shining career makes her become a high-paid actress. In fact her higher income makes her become more beautiful as the world knows that in Hollywood, money takes a great role related to the enhancement of beauty. The demand for the perfect figure of Hollywood business make the celebrities spend millions to maintain the perfect looks, Chelsea is not the exception. According to the rumors, Chelsea did plastic surgery to become the sexiest and the prettiest.

She remains a 25 years old girl

The rumors about Chelsea handler plastic surgery began raising when she separated with her boyfriend, Andra ballads. But, it’s hard to tell whether the rumor is right or not. Let’s just focus to more reasonable factor. The rumor can be caused by her stunning appearance in “Chelsea Lately” even she is not young anymore. For most people seeing a stunning handler when she is more than 30 is annoying. Her face is even tight and fresh as she was in 25 years. That leads the rumor about the employment facelift to boost her look. To examine the truth of the rumor, people use Chelsea Handler old and recent photos, and they assume perhaps Chelsea’s facial skin has been augmented with facelift and Botox Injections. In her old pictures or Chelsea Handler before surgery photos, we can see that she is great with  natural skin, while in Chelsea after surgery photos,  Chelsea still stays in tight facial skin, but there is uncommon thing found. Her skin is kind of rather glowing. No wrinkles found in her facial skin. In that age, the wrinkle is a common thing, no wrinkle is suspicious. Even the forehead that usually the place where wrinkle started to appear does not show the existence of those wrinkles. Wisely, we guess she was selective enough to pick the surgeon that she can look better after the surgery than she was in the past. Botox and facelift work well on her face without ruining Chelsea before plastic surgery’s look. Thanks to plastic surgery for the great work.

Chelsea Handler — Good Genes behind Good Plastic Surgery

Breast is substantial part related to body shape. When they are small, they cannot be called as the sexy breast. Looking at her before and after plastic surgery pictures, she seems to add the list of breast augmentation victims in Hollywood stage. The implant in her breast makes her breast looks little unnatural and tight. Before plastic surgery, she used to appear in the small breast, but recently she has improved cup size become bigger.

Regarding this issue, Chelsea keeps quiet like what most actress who has the same issue do. Even she is a comedian, but it’s no joke when it comes to her plastic surgery. Without confirmation from the actress, people cannot conclude that the rumor about her plastic surgery seems to be real but behind the success of her plastic surgery is her great genes and amazing doctor. It’s her fortune to have such great genes that lead her to look fabulous even she grow older. With some dollar spent the great genes can function better. According to you, genes or cosmetic procedure which play more role?