Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery — The Sexiest Woman Alive desires to Look Sexier

Mila Kunis was born in Kiev, RSS ukraina, Uni Soviet, on August 14, 1983, and moved to Los Angeles when she was 7. She is an American actress who has received numerous awards for her great acting skill. Kunis who has the birth name Milena Markovna Kunis had appeared in several commercials and TV series before she got golden chance to play Jackie Burkhart on that 70’s show along with her future fiancé, Aston Kutcher. Since then, her gorgeous face often appears on the screen. Her big success was when she portrayed Rachel Jansen in the romantic-comedy film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Another of her great movie is Black Swan which brings her into huge fame. She is popular not only for her great skill but also for her perfect beauty. The FHM has placed her in first place of sexiest woman alive in 2013. Other votings from different magazines also agreed that Mila Kunis is a hot and sexy woman alive. Through her career, Mila looks sexier and hotter. It is evidence that she really maintains her beauty to secure her position as the sexiest woman. However, her appearance seems to change significantly since 2008. For her visible change, her fans questions whether Mila Kunis Has done Plastic Surgery or not.

She has reshaped her nose and breasts

Following her popularity both as Hollywood actress and the sexiest woman alive, Mila should be ready for any gossip around her. As the improvement she has, Mila Kunis is accused to undergo plastic surgery. Since the public has already known how Mila Kunis was at 15 years old, it will be easier revealing the rumor about Mila Kunis plastic surgery. Several years after her debut, Mila Kunis still looked very natural, while in 2008 Mila started to receive cosmetic booster to make her more stunning. The most obvious change at that time was her nose. According to Mila Kunis before and after plastic surgery images, her nose looks bigger in her cute picture when she was a teenager, but starting 2008 she appeared in the well-constructed nose. The bridge looked narrower compared her previous photos. It seems that her nose tip is also revised by the surgeon that left prettier nose so it can match with her beautiful face. In the following year, Mila Kunis appeared sexier, and it strengthened the speculation that Mila Kunis has done another plastic surgery after rhinoplasty. Public noticed that Mila Kunis had improved her breast size. When Mila Kunis portrayed Sarah Jansen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the camera has caught her breast size that was not as big as her beast on Bazar Magazine cover 2012. Mila was in sexy pink dress showing her breasts area. Her breasts were obviously fuller and tighter that could be guessed as the result of going under the surgeon’s knife. However, Mila wasn’t too excessive in adding the implants. Even though she improved the size, but they are not too big as most Hollywood actresses did. She looks elegant with her new breasts. It’s a sign that the breast augmentation is well done on her.

She will do it someday

Stepping on 31 years old surely makes Mila Kunis does extra treatments for her face. It’s the age when women start to age. Like other actresses, Mila is also aware of that problem. But the question here is “does Mila also apply unnatural way to fight over the sign of aging?. The answer can be yes or no since she looks stunning in her 30s. Some speculation stated that it’s possible that Botox has come in a needle to rejuvenate her facial skin. But, it’s just a rumor. No actual proof about Mila Kunis’s relationship to botox injection, but she ever stated that she is probably going to apply botox someday. Someday can be meant whenever she needs it. Can you guess when is “someday” that is meant by Mila? is it now?

Dolly Parton Has Done Plastic Surgery to Almost All Her Body parts

Dolly Parton is one of the familiar names for country music lovers. She is an American instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, actress, and author. She was born as one of twelve children in a poor family 69 years ago. That’s why she described her childhood poverty in her first song “coat with many colors.” Parton showed her talent of singing when she was a child in local radio and television on Tennessee. By the age of thirteen, she got the chance to record her single “puppy love” and performed in grand ole Opry where she got encouragement from Johny Cash to pursue her career. She became a successful songwriter in Nashville along with her uncle, Bill Owen. Later, she landed into a country singer by joining The Porter Wagoner show replacing Norma Jean. However, her first appearances on that show and even her work with Wagoner received ignorance from country music lovers. Her success as a country singer was started when she recorded Jimmy Roger’s Mule Skinner Blues and Jolene that was successful in billboard top 100  and even UK chart had paid her hard work. Parton also widened her wing to pop music and films and gained numerous memorable achievements. It is not only her achievement that is memorable, but also her look. Approaching 70s, Parton still shows her amazing youthful look that makes people believe that Dolly Parton undergoes plastic surgery.

She Looks Beautiful Even She wasn’t Born With Beauty

If you never met a woman who cares a lot about her look even when she has been old enough, we will show you Dolly Parton, who has been 69 years old, but she still endures her beauty so much so she can appear nicely in front of her fans. She also openly stated that she is not a woman who naturally born as a beautiful woman, but she tried hard to look good, even if she has to undergo plastic surgery. She has done plastic surgery for over the years. Several surgeries she got are liposuction, under eyes surgery, botox, filler, and breast implant. All her plastic surgeries seem to be visible since the star change so much. But, to ensure more public, Her photos will expose every single surgery she had. The first obvious part is her breasts that appear bigger than she had then. It seems that she has added huge implants that lead her boobs to enhance into 40D in measurement. To get the perfect shape and size, the actress was reported to have several times boobs jobs. Do you see her body shape? It’s really great even it’s not naturally gifted. Dolly Parton endures liposuction to appear sexier and hotter with her huge breast. The liposuction has magically lift Dolly Parton before surgery’s fat and turns her into the hot lady.

Botox solves her wrinkles

Dolly Parton seems to be obsessed to totally transform into perfect younger figure. After reshaping her body, she seems getting rid of all things that make her look older. Her first enemy is her wrinkle that spread out all over her face. That’s why it should be swept by Botox injection. And for her loose skin like in her chin and cheeks should be helped by adding fillers. in fact, Dolly Parton has done all of that procedure. She is totally constructed by plastic surgery. However, she is an actress who always lives in honesty. She has never been afraid to share the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery. She realizes that even without her confirmation public will surely find that she had plastic surgery by Dolly Parton’s photos. The photos can be used to compare Parton’s before and after plastic surgery look. Revealing Dolly Parton plastic surgery helped us to find the interesting fact that implied that Dolly Parton is very successful with her all surgeries. She becomes one of the most attractive women in the world.

After Choosing Acting, Deidre Hall Also Chooses To Do Plastic Surgery

Ann Hall or most known as Deidre Hall is an American actress who is considered as one of the most beautiful women. Born with her beautiful gift in Milwaukee Wisconsin, 31 October 1947, Deidre Hall has been elected for Orange bowl Queen when she was 12. Before she landed her choice into acting, she studied psychology. Along with her sister, Andréa Hall she joined modeling and commercial jobs. Then she realized that acting is the most suitable career for her. And her choice totally works. She received innumerable recognition from the Hollywood industry, and she is even regarded as one of the most beloved actresses. Several years passed, Deidre Hall still makes her appearance in the screen. And she hasn’t changed yet. Beautiful, charming, young are her look in her 30 still on her. She makes people amazed at her lasting beauty while questioning about the way to have that kind of look. Some rumors state that Deidre Hall has done plastic surgery to manage her youthful look.

The expressionless look after facelift

Many believe that the secret behind Deidre Hall’s ageless face skin is plastic surgery. For her tight face, she is assumed to undergo a facelift. The procedure can pull the sagging skin that every woman hates. This is the first choice when a woman wants to get rid of the loose skin instantly. But, the looks of people after facelift commonly a bit expressionless it because the skin cannot move easily after being lifted. That’s why Deidre hall after Plastic Surgery lost her various expressions. Having tight skin will be more admirable if it is combined with a fresh look with wrinkle-free. The actress seems to have that too, so it’s undeniable if she got Botox Injections. With facelift and Botox, 66 years old Deidre Hall will be back on her 30s. Like what we see now, she does not appear like common women in 66s. Her youthful looks are wonderful.

Another great point that becomes public talks is her smooth and flawless skin. Are facelift and Botox enough? We don’t think that she doesn’t get other cosmetic procedures. From the buzz circulating in the media, perhaps Deidre hall has applied to peel to her youthful skin. The peeling is aimed to make her skin cleaner and fresher. Luckily she gets them after peeling done.

She is more successful than others

Examining the result of Deidre hall plastic surgery, she seems to have more successful plastic surgery compared to others. Even she a bit unnatural, but it does change her to be a better figure. From Deidre hall before after surgery photos, her recent looks are similar to Deidre hall before plastic surgery.  Even the photos were taken in several years gap, but Deidre hall’s look doesn’t change much. Let’s just look at her closer, Deidre hall after plastic surgery doesn’t turn into someone else’s look, but the only visible change is her facial skin. From sagging skin into tighter skin. Deidre hall must be very lucky to have this result. After all, she also gets the advantage in the Hollywood stage. The gorgeous look is still stuck on her, and she can keep her consistency as an actress.

Regarding the rumors that mention her as a lucky actress after surgery, she doesn’t deny or admit it, but the gossipers can conclude themselves. For the case, she isn’t plastic surgery lover; her genes are really great bringing her into this appearance in her 60s. Yet, if she really does plastic surgery, the plastic surgeries have worked best on her. She is really worth to invite women jealousy. Don’t you feel the same? Just try to find her beauty secret.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery — Money can Buy The Perfect Beauty

One of gay rights activists, Chelsea Handler, is an American comedian, actress, TV host, author and producer who add the list of celebrities who construct the beauty through plastic surgery. Born in Livingstone, New Jersey on February 25, Chelsea Handler moved to California to chase her dream to become an actress.  She has appeared in several TV series. Chelsea was one of the casts of oxygen’s “Girl behaving badly.” Her name started to be familiar to the audiences after she hosted numerous talk show and performed standup comedy. Her standup comedy was successful in entertaining the audience. The Chelsea Handler show has become evidence of her remarkable career. Her shining career makes her become a high-paid actress. In fact her higher income makes her become more beautiful as the world knows that in Hollywood, money takes a great role related to the enhancement of beauty. The demand for the perfect figure of Hollywood business make the celebrities spend millions to maintain the perfect looks, Chelsea is not the exception. According to the rumors, Chelsea did plastic surgery to become the sexiest and the prettiest.

She remains a 25 years old girl

The rumors about Chelsea handler plastic surgery began raising when she separated with her boyfriend, Andra ballads. But, it’s hard to tell whether the rumor is right or not. Let’s just focus to more reasonable factor. The rumor can be caused by her stunning appearance in “Chelsea Lately” even she is not young anymore. For most people seeing a stunning handler when she is more than 30 is annoying. Her face is even tight and fresh as she was in 25 years. That leads the rumor about the employment facelift to boost her look. To examine the truth of the rumor, people use Chelsea Handler old and recent photos, and they assume perhaps Chelsea’s facial skin has been augmented with facelift and Botox Injections. In her old pictures or Chelsea Handler before surgery photos, we can see that she is great with  natural skin, while in Chelsea after surgery photos,  Chelsea still stays in tight facial skin, but there is uncommon thing found. Her skin is kind of rather glowing. No wrinkles found in her facial skin. In that age, the wrinkle is a common thing, no wrinkle is suspicious. Even the forehead that usually the place where wrinkle started to appear does not show the existence of those wrinkles. Wisely, we guess she was selective enough to pick the surgeon that she can look better after the surgery than she was in the past. Botox and facelift work well on her face without ruining Chelsea before plastic surgery’s look. Thanks to plastic surgery for the great work.

Chelsea Handler — Good Genes behind Good Plastic Surgery

Breast is substantial part related to body shape. When they are small, they cannot be called as the sexy breast. Looking at her before and after plastic surgery pictures, she seems to add the list of breast augmentation victims in Hollywood stage. The implant in her breast makes her breast looks little unnatural and tight. Before plastic surgery, she used to appear in the small breast, but recently she has improved cup size become bigger.

Regarding this issue, Chelsea keeps quiet like what most actress who has the same issue do. Even she is a comedian, but it’s no joke when it comes to her plastic surgery. Without confirmation from the actress, people cannot conclude that the rumor about her plastic surgery seems to be real but behind the success of her plastic surgery is her great genes and amazing doctor. It’s her fortune to have such great genes that lead her to look fabulous even she grow older. With some dollar spent the great genes can function better. According to you, genes or cosmetic procedure which play more role?